Welcome to a little corner of the unknown!

Come for the solo travelbook reviews, creative writing, music, and thoughts on anxiety. Stay for the knitted owls.

For some people in the world, leaping into something new and unfamiliar is a challenge to be relished, an adrenaline rush to be experienced or simply something they do without even thinking about it.

For others, though, it’s much more frightening. And it doesn’t have to be something big, like emigrating, travelling solo or starting a new job; seemingly tiny things like picking up the phone can be terrifying in their unpredictability, in the infinite directions the consequences could take.

There’s nothing wrong with either of these approaches to the world. There’s no need for members of one of these groups to try to start behaving like a member of the other. But equally, that’s not to say those of us who find the world scary and unpredictable can’t find ways to make forays into the unknown if they want, in big ways or small; on the contrary, such forays can be and often are exhilarating.

It’s just that it involves thinking about the world a little differently.

In the last couple of years, I’ve come to terms with who I am well enough to start working out why I find certain things scary – rationally or otherwise – and, more importantly, how to draw their fangs. My approach, as often in my life, is an attempt to be analytical: if it’s too big, try breaking it down; if it’s too wild a leap, try one step; if it’s too scary – think about why.

Naturally, it’s included both victories and defeats in adventures of all sizes. But every time I successfully got myself into the unknown and found it didn’t bite, it originated in working out a first step that wouldn’t put me off before I’d even begun.

So this blog is where I share some of those routes – both successful and otherwise. Both the ones that I couldn’t complete and those that ended in something fascinating, beautiful or just downright fun. Because that’s important too, and also because I can only keep a straight face for so long.

That makes it a jumble of things: creative writing, music, book reviews, a lot of solo travel, and eventually some things on anxiety. You can also find links to my Etsy shop, because opening that was a big thing for me too.

These are accounts of my personal experiences. In no way do I ever intend to speak over the experiences of anyone for whom my approaches to my fears aren’t feasible or just don’t work. In no way will I ever claim that this is even a coping method that should work for anyone other than me. All I hope to do is to share some of what I’ve learnt about my particular little anxious-introversion-creature, how to work with it and how not to be conquered by it – and maybe to help someone else find a way to be less frightened of putting one foot into an unknown of their own.

About me

I’m a geographically-impaired Londoner with two Classics degrees, five tea caddies, an intermittent writing habit and a full roster of knitting needles. When I’m not re-re-redrafting fantasy stories or making toy owls, I tend to be playing folk music somewhere questionable. Also, in case I hadn’t already mentioned it enough times: